Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tatooine Stormtrooper [1995, POTF2]


Tatooine stormtrooper - one of those figure from the original trilogy that people always wonder - why didn't they make one of that? Realistic weathering (it is Tatooine after all), the detailed pack, the large gun, the shoulder pad - all there. To be honest, you couldn't ask for a much more realistic representation of this figure.

When Kenner released the next wave on green cards (and re-issued a lot of the orange ones on them too) this figure was renamed "Sandtrooper," which I guess sets the precedent to call others "Snowtrooper" and the like. Another Sandtrooper with the grey shoulder pad was included a little later in a Dewback 2-pack.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Admit it, since seeing the first movie, you wanted this figure in addition to the regular Stormtrooper.

2. No longer do you have to airbrush your own figures! Kenner has now done it for you!

3. Shoulder pads are no longer for the ladies. In the 80's.

4. Have you seen the gun? Huge. Have you seen the pack? Big. Do you know what the pack is for???!!!! No idea.

5. "But Honey, I can only play with this figure in the sandbox. You understand, right?"


Very similar to a regular Stormtrooper, but with different training and equipment. The full entry is here.

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