Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rancor Monster Figure (ROTJ)

Yes, the Rancor is big (10 inches tall) but it’s always slightly disappointing when something this big doesn’t come with at least one accessory. When this was released in the 1990’s line, they at least included that bone that Luke stuck in its mouth.

The Rancor Monster came in an ROTJ box large enough to fit in, and the arms, wrists, and legs all moved. One of the rises on its spine was a lever that could open and close the mouth. Its hands were just the right size to hold the regular size figures, especially uppity Gamorrean Guards.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. You finally have the perfect companion to your headless Gamorrean Guard.

2. That face? Those claws? This thing absolutely freaked out your little sister.

3. Not a regular figure, not a vehicle. It was a unique niche figure – at least that’s what you can tell your artsy friends.

4. No other figure has so simulated the gentle hues of feces.

5. Well, now I use it as a puppet to talk to my 2-year-old. She likes talking to it, even if she won’t touch it.


Rancors' original planet was Dathomir, a planet later colonized by humans. Some of the colonists included Jedi descendants, who formed bonds to the Rancor herds , helping them hunt during the day (when Rancor’s couldn’t see as well) and giving the human transportation, not unlike horses. Rancors on Dathomir are generally smarter and larger than those taken off-planet. The one in Jabba’s palace crashlanded on Tatooine during its transport, and was trained by animal tamer Malakili, who formed a close bond with it. When he learned that Jabba had plans to make the Rancor fight a krayt dragon (a rare and large Tatooine carnivore) he planned to escape with it. However, plans changed when Luke had to kill it.

Interesting facts:

- This toy can be seen on top of a TV in a Metallica video (sorry, don’t remember which one).
- The one in ROTJ was a puppet slowed down several times for a more realistic effect. They tried going with a guy in a suit at first (like the Wampa), but no one really liked it.
- There is a photo circulating on the web of the Rancor battling the dragon from Dragonslayer. The guys from Industrial Light and Magic (that worked on both films) thought this would be funny.

Want more? It's Wookieepedia article

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