Friday, December 28, 2012

Sand Skimmer (POTF)

The Sand Skimmer can be considered like the third generation desert skiff. It sure as heck isn’t the Tatooine Skiff, and it’s still smaller than the Desert Sail Skiff. It’s not quite a mini-rig, it's a "body rig," like two other vehicles (Imperial Sniper and Security Scout) also produced in the POTF line.
The Skimmer came on a bubble card, like the aforementioned vehicles, and is a one-figure vehicle. They were released overseas in boxes with the actual toy photos, not paintings. The sand skimmer has an adjustable rudder sail, and a swiveling front blaster array. Not to mention the kick-ass steering column!

Why should you get this vehicle? Five reasons:
1. When you’re just too cheap for a mini-rig.
2. You like your vehicles carded, not boxed.
3. You just need that one, last sand vehicle to get you over the top.
4. Your other real sand skiffs are full.
5. You need a pocket vehicle.

Like many of the mini-rigs and these “mini vehicles,” Kenner made the Sand Skimmer up to provide a cheaper vehicle for those who couldn’t afford the big ones. A skimmer is a kind of repulsorcraft and a different class than speeders. It has appeared in at least two episodes of "Droids."

Want more? Too bad! It doesn't have a Wookieepedia entry - this is it.

139th in alphabetical order

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