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Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear) (ESB 1980-82)

Now, it seems a little long-winded to add onto this figure's title "Hoth Battle Gear," since there were no other figures called "Rebel Soldier." Sure, there was the Rebel Commando, but that's about as close as they got. I guess it's supposed to tell us, "Hey, this is one of the Hoth good guys."

The Rebel Soldier is another in the 'army builder' tradition, just like the Rebel Commando, just like the Stormtrooper, and many others. In the future, I'll do one post to bring them together, and in the darkness bind them. Get as many as you want of this figure and it's still legit. You can put them all over your various Hoth playsets and Hoth toys and it will be fine.

Aside from the close-fitting hat, the Rebel Soldier also comes with a blaster pistol very common with the ESB figures - the same one that comes with Lando and the Bespin Guards. The Soldier comes on an ESB card and apparently was going to be on an ROTJ card, but an unreleased "Revenge of the Jedi" card is the only one known to exist.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:
1. There was an army of these guys - the least you can do is get one.

2. Someone needs to man all those pansy-ass Hoth mini-rigs, and it sure as Hell ain't gonna be Han. He's fixing the Falcon and saving Luke from freezing to death. Not to mention blowing up a probe droid. Jeez, did anyone else there get anything done?

3. Those little pot shots that the AT-ATs take while making the march to the shield generator? Yeah, they were at this guy.

4. Snowtroopers aren't just setting up tri-pod lasers to take out the Falcon - they've got these guys to shoot too.

5. Three words: Tauntaun pooper scooper.


A generic Rebel soldier on Hoth, this guy represents any number of idyllic young men who joined to fight the Empire and freeze their butts off. Not to mention avoid those pesky wampas who keep trying to get into the Bantha meat locker.

Want more? Nothing on anonymous Hoth Rebels, but here's the Wookieepedia article on the Rebellion itself.

134th in alphabetical order

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