Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rebel Command Center Adventure (ESB)

Not only was it a set, not only was it a command center, but it was a freakin’ ADVENTURE set! This set was actually another reuse of the Land of the Jawas base, only molded in white, not sand-colored. The base gets used yet again for the Hoth Ice Planet set. The difference in the backgrounds between this and the Jawas set is that this set has a background of the Hoth Rebel hangar, as evidenced by the Millennium Falcon and Hoth-related vehicles.

This set came with three figures (R2-D2 with sensorscope, AT-AT Commander, and Luke in Hoth Gear), which is a clear indication that it is a department store exclusive. It was exclusive to Sears, and it only came in an ESB box.

Why should you own this set? Five reasons:
1. The closest to Echo Base you’ll ever get.

2. When will you ever get the chance to own a real-life “Adventure Set?”

3. You can pretend the sandcrawler tracks in the base are actually for that MLC-3 mini-rig.

4. Pretend the Jawa cave is now a mini-wampa cave.

5. There’s no better place for Chewbacca to use the Vehicle Maintenance Energizer.


The Rebels began scouting for a new location right after their base on Yavin (in the first movie) was discovered. Luke and Han ran across Hoth while escaping some Imperials, and recommended it for a new base. Rebel engineers took 2 years to finish the base, constructed in a cave system near the northern edge of the equator temperate zone.

At its maximum operation, Echo Base about 7850 personnel and 120 droids. The base was guarded with entrenched laser cannons, an ion cannon (capable of orbital shots), and patrolled by snowspeeders and riders on tautaun. The base had to regularly repel wampa attacks.

After the Imperials discovered it, Echo Base was all but abandoned, only be used once in a while by smugglers or erstwhile people looking for bits of information from the cold databanks.

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