Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ASP-7 Droid [POTF2]


Don't recognize the ASP-7? That's because, until the release of the Special Editions that added a longer Mos Eisley scene, it didn't exist. Now, you can clearly see one picking up rods (chuckle). In fact, they make no bones about it - look at the package: "From the newly-created footage in The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition." I use to be excited by something like this, now I just think "They're just printing more money!"

While it's an okay droid figure, I just felt it was never fleshed out like others. Where are some wires? Where are the knobs?

Five reasons to own this figure:

1. The only way to get Star Wars supply rods. Really, where is our accessory pack just for these?

2. Nice and creepy- no eyes, just a slit.

3. Cylon alert! Slit for eyes. Insert your own oscillating red LED for the full effect.

4. "From the newly created footage!" Come on, you have to buy it just for the laugh factor.

5. Did I mention supply rods? SUPPLY RODS!


The ASP-7 is apparently a worker droid, but other materials also mention that the ASP-7 model is used as a trainer for Darth Vader's lightsaber practice.

Want it's full story? Go here.

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