Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear [POTF2]


Now we have Luke in Hoth gear and he has it all - a lightsaber and a blaster. He also has a loose-hanging scarf. Later in the POTF2 line they release a Hoth Luke and Wampa two-pack. Luke is in the window hanging upside down, and the scarf is hinged - yes, hinged - so it can hang up as well as down. The figure itself has a little different shading and some injuries on Luke's face. Yes! Get minor variations of one figure in the same line! Genius!

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Buy this and the Wampa variation, set up before after pics.

2. Can't ride a Tauntaun without this figure. Oh, wait, you can! Because they release not only a Tauntaun and Luke 2-pack, but a Han and Tauntaun as well! The difference? On of the Tauntauns has a broken horn and both figures have bendable knees.

3. Set up that fluffy white diorama you've been yearning for.

4. Those goggles, that scarf - this boy's got flair!

5. Well, it's hard for me to say this but, save your money and buy the Wamap or Tauntaun pack with Hoth Luke - you'll be a fiscal Star Wars fan.


I’ll refer to the Wookieepedia article for the whole backstory. However, I will say that Luke gets put into a bacta tank for his recovery after the wampa attack. The tank was actually made into a playset in the later line (but not the vintage).

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