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X-Wing Fighter (SW)

Ah, the X-Wing Fighter! If you played with Star Wars figures and had one vehicle, chances are it was this one. And chances are, if you still have it today, you've lost the wing guns. That's okay, someone is always selling spares on Ebay.

The X-Wing is one of the first Star Wars vehicles to come out, evidenced by the "12-back" cards from the first figures that advertised it. Although not truly to scale (the nose is stubby and it is a little too small compared to the figures - if you look at the movie) no kid really noticed. They were just excited to have something to fly around the room and shoot at things.

The X-Wing featured wings that could open (press down R2's head) and close (move the blue toggle switch next to R2) and electronic shooting noises and light (other blue button next to R2). Of course, toy technology being what it was, the noises weren't movie-authentic, but then again, what kid truly cared? The front landing skid could be put down or up, and the cockpit could be opened or closed to accommodate one figure. Unfortunately, Luke in X-Wing outfit was the only X-Wing pilot made in the original line. There wasn't even a Wedge until the new line, and he starred in all three movies!

The initial X-Wing was molded in white, but in subsequent releases for ESB and ROTJ, it was molded in gray and included battle-damage decals. The black wing guns could be taken off to simulate it getting damaged or whatever scenario your little mind could imagine.

Why should you get this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. It's the X-Wing! You get a TIE Fighter and you're all set for one hell of a dogfight.

2. The first vehicle-designed figure came out for THIS vehicle. Hell, the TIE pilot didn't even come out until ESB.

3. Yes, it sucked that you couldn't put your R2 figure in the socket, but you just had to love pressing that head to make the wings go up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

4. Electronic action! A light! Bitchin' flame decals, I mean, battle-damage decals!

5. Even though the emphasis was on the wing-guns, they still managed to add the torpedo-launchers as a detail on the underside. Yeah, I didn't notice this either for quite awhile after having it.


The Incom T-65 X-Wing was a versatile fighter for the Rebel Alliance (all the designers for it defected to the Rebellion rather than let the designs fall to the Empire). Precursor fighters can be seen in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in the opening battle. Unlike TIE fighters, X-Wings possessed both shields and a hyperdrive (for quick hit-and-run sorties), and proton torpedo launchers. It also had a socket for astromech droids to help with navigation and ship operations. The X-like wings could be closed or locked open (s-foils, short for "stability" or "strike" foils) for various maneuvers. Variations of the X-Wing were in operation for quite a while, and, of course, was the vehicle instrumental in destroying both Death Stars.

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