Friday, February 22, 2013

Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard [POTF2]


Will wonders never cease - another force pike. You can read up on them here. Lando comes in all his stylish goodness, with removable helmet and the aforementioned skiff guard force pike. Apparently skiff guards get their own style of force pike - who knew?

The figure is an improvement on the vintage in terms of detail, but the accessories included are pretty much the same.

Five reasons to buy this figure:

1. Slowly lower the face shield to passerbys - oh yeaaaah.

2. Lando - so smooth, even when sporting tusks.

3. Force pike has an axe - perfect for later in the movie when Endor needs to be deforested.

4. Lando is into some big-time S&M. Kinky.

5. Need for your big Jabba diorama. Especially that scene where Luke falls to the Rancor, and Lando does...nothing.


Obviously Lando is in disguise and helping free Han here, but his full story can be found here.

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