Thursday, August 8, 2013

2-1B (ESB 1980-82)

2-1B is probably as exciting as a medical droid can get. He comes with a medical staff (no, not a team of people, a hand-held staff), and his own blue and translucent body. He has a hose that connects (and if you try, you can disconnect this) from his “mouth” to the left side of his torso. This probably makes little sense on a robot, but, whatever!
2-1B came on two different ESB cards (one says “2-1B” and the other says “Two-Onebee (2-1B)”) and an ROTJ card which has the latter name plate.
Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:
1. Those deep eyes..wait, it doesn’t really have eyes! Aaaagh! Kill it!
2. Shove that medical staff through the eye socket of any figure and claim it’s for the sake of medicine.
3. Luke needs a lot of patching up – who else is going to do it?
4. No one else can stand to be around FX-7.
5. Recreate his pleasant soothing on-screen voice.
2-1B was developed by the Geentech Corporation and built by Industrial Automation. Precursors to his design can be seen fixing Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. One of his earliest assignments was healing people on a planet under Imperial control. Basically he cleaned up the harm done by the Empire. Impressed with his skill, the Governor of the planet took 2-1B as his personal physician. When the Governor was assassinated by a Rebel, 2-1B was put into service for the Alliance, finding his way to the Hoth Echo base where he treated Luke Skywalker. When Hoth was evacuated 2-1B was taken aboard a ship and found his way to the medical frigate Redemption, where he gave Luke a new cybernetic hand. He was later assigned to a Mon Calamari ship where he served until at least the Battle of Endor.
165th in alphabetical order
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