Saturday, August 24, 2013

AT-ST Driver [POTF2]


Now here is a figure that warrants having that extra rifle in the cockpit. Wookiees and Ewoks beatin' on your hatch, yanking you up, tossing you like last week's garbage. Heck ya you need some personal firepower!

While not pictured on the back of the figure's own card, the AT-ST was one of the first vehicles produced in the new line, so, naturally, they had to come out with the pilot. Probably one of the less exciting uniforms in the Imperial army, but there you have it.

Five reason to buy this figure:

1. Natural pairing: have the vehicle, need the pilot.

2. Commemorate ROTJ's director, Richard Marquand's, spectacular performance as an AT-ST pilot.

3. Recreate Return of the Jedi, but this time an Ewok gets a blaster in their face.

4. Army builder - have him line up in your "meet the Emperor" scene.

5. Closest figure to a Spaceballs henchman you'll find.


AT-ST Drivers wore very light armor compared to their AT-AT counterpart. Funny, considering the AT-AT was already more armored than an AT-ST. They carried standard equipment, such as a blaster, rifle, grenades, thermal detonators, flares, comlinks, and spare ammo. The helmets and goggles were also standard, but many chose not to wear the goggles.

Interesting side note: ROTJ’s director, Richard Marquand, was one of the AT-ST Drivers beaten down by Chewbacca and the Ewoks and the person pictured on the card.
Want more? Its Wookieepedia article.

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