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TIE Interceptor Vehicle (ROTJ 1983-84)

What is cooler than the color-corrected TIE Fighter? A frickin’ TIE Interceptor beeyitch! The interceptor was first introduced in Return of the Jedi as an updated TIE Fighter. Not only is it faster, but like the X-Wing, it sports lasers on each wing tip. But get this – when you’re flying it around with your buddy who has an X-Wing you also have the two chin guns still! You have 6 lasers to his four! Of course, he can always counter with the proton torpedo launchers, since TIEs don’t have those. Or shields. Or a hyperdrive.
All in all, the Interceptor is a much cooler looking TIE Fighter, with angled cross-cut panels, more guns, and a sleeker look. It also has the same button to press for electronic sounds as the original TIE (the cockpit was the same mold as the original TIE). This puppy came out only in ROTJ packaging, and inexplicably shows a Stormtrooper piloting the thing rather than a TIE Pilot. Kenner, WTF?
Why should you get this vehicle? Five reasons:
1. So much cooler than your older brother’s TIE fighter. No, you can’t play with it Chet!
2. More guns!
3. Accurate coloring!
4. It just plain looks faster.
5. Lights up!
The TIE/IN starfighter, or TIE Interceptor, is a successor of the original TIE. Eventually the Empire would have replaced all their normal TIEs with these. Later, as the remnants of the Empire began to run out of people, shields would be added to preserve equipment and pilots.
The TIE/In was built by Sienar Fleet Systems under contract with the Empire. To improve on the TIE, they ramped up the engines, and put lasers on all four of the wing tips. They also removed the center panel to improve pilot visibility, and angled the wings to cut down on profile. The development of the TIE/In was the reason the Rebellion developed the comparably fast A-Wing fighter.
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