Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boba Fett [1995, POTF2]

...with Sawed-Off Blaster Rifle and Jet Pack!

Boba was kind of the second wave after the first release of the major characters (shown on the back of the package), and one of the more impressive updates from the original line. You see all the bumps and scrapes, the weapon is actually a sawed-off blaster rather than a stock gun, jet pack comes off, and you can see the wookiee braids. However, he is still a littl more muscular like the new Han and Luke (didn't want to be left out).

Hi bio card is kept vague about his past, "few facts are known about the man called Boba Fett," probably because they never saw The Clone Wars, so it is still applicable.

Five reasons why you should get this figure:
1. C'mon, really? It's Boba-freaking Fett!

2. Finally, visual accompaniment to your wookieescalp fetish.

3. Yes! The jet pack fires...I mean, is removable.

4. No one wears "scuffed-up" quite like Boba.

5. Re-enact the never-done scene where Boba confronts Jango's ghost with the help of his therapist.


As more episodes of The Clone Wars progress, more of Boba's young life is seen, especially his antagonism towards Mace Windu (what, mad about your dad's decapitation crybaby?). For all that is known about him, check out his full bio with sources at Wookieepedia.

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