Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MTV-7 Multi Terrain Vehicle (ESB)

MTV, eh? The release of the MTV-7 was in 1981. MTV the network started August 1, 1981. Coincidence? Who copied who? The world may never know, but I do know this: the MTV-7 has as much relevance to music as the other MTV does today. Go ahead – try to find a video on there.

MTV stands for “multi-terrain vehicle.” Pretty generic, but it is a nifty little mini-rig from ESB. It is a one-man (or woman – sorry Leia) cockpit with a rotating blaster on the front, two roller wheels and springs that allow you to lower and raise the cockpit in relation to the ground. If you pushed it down and let go fast you could make it jump a little bit.

Realistically, the “tires” would be pretty crappy on real snow and ice, but it’s a toy so I’ll let that slide. It was a cute little vehicle (yeah, you want all your Star Wars toys to be cute) and cheap, so enjoy!

Why should you buy this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Cheap mini-rig – extra vehicles for you to play with.

2. The closest SW vehicle to a monster truck. Enjoy, redneck sci-fi fans!

3. Give a snowtrooper a break – this is the only vehicle they let him drive.

4. The only SW vehicle that can do push-ups.

5. One of the SW vehicles you’ll let your younger siblings use (you keep the good ones hidden).


Not in any of the movies, but wholly created by Kenner, the MTV-7 does show up in some of the material written about Blizzard Force, an elite Imperial cold-climate squad.

Wookieepedia entry (short)

114th in alphabetical order

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