Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ree-Yees (ROTJ 1983-84)ROTJ

Hey, he’s got three eyes. Oh, wait, Ree-Yees, wow, what a remarkable coincidence of a name! Next, you’ll be telling me they worked in some reference to his goat-like appearance. His race is Gran? Like granny goat? Wow.

So, now that my fun is over, let’s actually look at the figure. Ree-Yees came with a blaster rifle that is referenced nowhere else, so it may be one that Kenner just made up. His head and suit are fairly accurate to the figure, of course, after the first movie’s weird and very clothing-inaccurate figures this was more common. He only came on an ROTJ card.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Three eyes, two little horns, big ears, and oversized hands? He’s got it all!

2. What the heck is with that blaster rifle? You’ve got to see this.

3. Completes your Jabba diorama.

4. Completes your collection of ironically-named characters.

5. The perfect figure for any fans of burgundy puffy snowsuits.


Ree-Yees (a Gran with deformed hands) was wanted for murder on his home planet kinyen, so he hid out at Jabba’s court, taking care of Jabba’s pet, Bubo. Jabba distrusted him, so he planted a bomb on Ree-Yees that could be activated with a phrase. Jabba was right to not trust him, since he was planning to kill Jabba on the sand barge. This never came to fruition, however, since Luke and the gang blew it up, along with Ree-Yees. Jabba was also strangled by Leia before he could activate Ree-Yee’s implanted bomb.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

136th in alphabetical order

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