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Prune Face (ROTJ 1983-84)

Prune Face prefers the French pronunciation of his name: Prune Fasee. But seriously, Pruney is another blink-and-you'll miss him characters, shown in the Rebel conference room in The Return of the Jedi. Also, like many of the aliens introduced in the movies, the crew just called it what it looked like to keep the aliens straight - thus "Prune Face." Never mind that this probably infringed on copyright a bit with the Dick Tracy character of the same name. Although, I don't think anyone will mix them up.

Ole Pruney came with a rifle (which doesn't look particularly Star Wars-ish) and a cloth cape. He only came on an ROTJ card. Presumably he went with the Endor landing party since he was dressed for camoflauge, but you never see him down on the planet. Maybe the Ewoks ate him.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Eye patch. A grow-hair-on-your chest manly eyepatch!

2. If you own G.I Joes, you have an extra rifle you can use. It looks awfully Joe-ish doesn't it?

3. Pruney's face is very accurate to the character - it's his clothes that weren't quite right. Don't blame Kenner, though. They didn't have very good technology to imprint camoflauge on plastic yet.

4. Re-enact the scene where Prune Face splits off from the Rebels, and eventually marries and settles down with an Ewok princess. Hey, you didn't see him - it could have happened!

5. Re-enact the exciting scene where he ACTIVELY LISTENS to the Rebel BRIEFING. That's excitement!


Prune Face's real name was Orrimaarko, and his race Dressellian from the planet Dressel. He was recruited into the Alliance by the Bothans (often mentioned but never seen on screen) to fight subjugation of his homeworld by the Empire. He was on the Endor strike team during the events of ROTJ, and was a bit miffed when Han Solo was picked to lead rather than himself, who he deemed more qualified. No word on how he got the eyepatch though.

Want more? His full Wookieepedia article

124th in alphabetical order

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