Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Security Scout Vehicle (POTF)

With the Sand Skimmer and Imperial Sniper, this was one of the three even-more-mini-than-mini-rigs (also known as “body rigs”) made for the POTF line. Sold on blister card in the U.S., overseas they came in boxes. The boxes probably held up better, because all the plastic on the blister cards nowadays seems to be yellowing.

A combination of a jet pack and portable coat rack, the Security Scout featured shin-mounted blasters, a steering joystick, and a rear rudder. It also has what looks like giant headphones for whatever figure is standing in it.

Why should you get this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. So you may one day build a life size replica and realize, “There is no way in hell I’m getting in this thing.”

2. There just aren’t enough Rebel Endor vehicles. I guess.

3. If not a vehicle, it makes a decent display stand for a figure.

4. Goes well on your Star Wars mobile above your crib, I mean, adult bed.

5. How many times do you get to see rudders in Star Wars?


The Security Scout was another concept toy by Kenner – approved by Lucasfilm, but never appearing in any canon work. It is hard to see anyone actually wanting to fly one either because of the lack of protection and the sheer openness of the flight style. Heck, even if you were strapped into it on the ground, a gust of wind might topple it onto you. You could, anecdotally, say it was used on Endor after the battle in ROTJ. Maybe.

Want more? Too bad! It has a bare-bones Wookieepedia entry.

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