Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Power Droid (SW 1977-79)

Saying “Gonk” and walking. That was the big scene for the Power Droid in the movie. A few different Power Droids are seen in the movies (well, in SW and ROTJ), but the model for the figure was probably the one in the Jawa sandcrawler.

This figure comes with nothing. It came on SW, ESB, and ROTJ cards. It could, possibly, rank right up there as the most boring vintage Star Wars figure to play with. Really. No accessories. Had almost no screen time. Was not pivotal – at all – to the plot. Boooooorrrrring. Still, I have to convince you:

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Nothing says “gonk” like a Power Droid.

2. Surprise your manager with a Power Droid instead of an ink cartridge.

3. Mascot to the box manufacturers of the world.

4. Goes great with a Jawa sandcrawler.

5. Recreate a droid office party. The Power Droid is the guy no one talks to.


The model of the figure is most likely an EG-6, manufactured by Veril Line Systems. Other models in the films were the EG-4, and the GNK. They were basically walking batteries and served all sides. A Power Droid can be seen getting tortured in Jabba’s dungeon in ROTJ.

Want more? Its Wookieepedia article

120th in alphabetical order

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aw he was kind of nifty.